What men should eat to smell good

Diet may prove to be a major weapon for men in the game of erotic attraction, provided it is properly and intelligently used, according to an Australian study published in Human and Evolution Behavior.

According to the researchers, men’s eating choices affect the body’s odour, which in turn plays a role in how attractive it is for a woman.

To explore the relationship between diet and body odour, the researchers asked 43 healthy men (non-smokers) aged 18-30 to give detailed information on their eating habits.

Each participant was given a cotton shirt that he had to wear for 48 hours. Researchers have asked men to exercise for one hour each day without bathing and without using deodorants, colognes and other perfumed products. After 48 hours, researchers placed the t-shirts in bags and asked nine volunteers to smell them.

The result; Women rated the smell of each man based on their t-shirt and their ratings indicated that men who had adopted a diet rich in fruits and vegetables smelled much better. The volunteers described the smell of these men as “floral”, “fruity” and “sweet”. On the contrary, men who consumed many carbohydrates (not from fruits and vegetables) seemed to smell less pleasantly.

“We know for a long time that body scent plays a key role in erotic attraction, especially on the part of women,” says Dr Ian Steffen of Macquarie University in Sydney.

In addition to the smell, fruits and vegetables also affect the appearance of the skin, as has previously been shown in the PLOS.org study, so the benefit to sex is double!

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