What A Friend Can’t Reveal About You, Can Be Revealed By Your Enemy

In the mix of fellow and foe, man makes an identity. An identity to be portrayed for different people at different times and one which makes up a perception about the person in minds of others. Undoubtedly, perception depends upon the kind of company that man keeps, i.e. fellow friends play a big role in shaping the image of person in social crowds. But, Here remains some undiscovered truths which a fellow cannot disclose.

Undiscovered Truths, Quote


Hatred ends up speaking bitterest of truths. 

Well said! And here, role of an enemy starts, revealing what all stands unrevealed by our fellow friends. Forces like anger and revenge stimulates an enemy to reveal some undiscovered truths about the person. This can either be a boon or a bane depending upon the kind of situation a person is caught into. But mostly, revealing of such undiscovered truths comes out to be a boon for a person.

Undiscovered Truths, Quotes

There are reasons for any person being our enemy

there can be a previous quarrel or any other complication, implying an old acquaintance of inter-enemies. Hence, Implied disclosure of information between the two and thus are some undiscovered truths which needs to be revealed. On the contrary, fellow friends often ignore any such harsh memories and the truth remains unrevealed, dug into memories of past. While enemies on the other hand, get offended and takes up any issue to the reservoirs of those undiscovered truths. Undiscovered Truths, Quotes

As a matter of fact, it’s not that fellow friends are always unaware of these discovered truths. Instead, they try to be over-protective at times and prevent any of such confidential things being revealed out so as to protect his/her friend from any sad consequence on disclosure of such things. But at the end this is what friendship is all about, i.e. “KEEPING SECRETS” unlike enemies. Thus at times, What a friend can’t reveal about you, can be revealed by your enemy.

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