The mix of Junk food

To begin with, we ponder upon certain questions!

Junk Food

  • A thought of being drowned in the lump of chocolate fantasies whom not? 
  • Who amongst us really care for the health and not for that taste, which we get after having garlic bread with extra cheese toppings
  • One hand holding a couple of hamburgers and other holding coke is not a dream food of whom? 
  • If you were to choose something between an unlimited ice cream for life and a month free from cough, what it would be?

The answer to every question above goes in the favour of our so called junk food ( As prevailing in most of the cases )

Junk Food

Research demands health but heart aspires taste. Ethics tell us to repel junk food but it constantly revolves around our mind, attracting us every next minute. Setting priority becomes difficult when it comes to choose one between health and taste. Obviously, sacrificing our health just for the sake of good taste is no more than a foolish deed but then again a new question arises.


Research says that mental health comes from satisfaction and surprisingly, having a food of our own choice is a major source of mental satisfaction.  

Critiques always argue about the physical health hazards that these junk food items have and not about the positive impacts on the mental health of a person in taking it. Agreed, these junk foods have more of negative impacts on our health than positive. But, there are some which cannot be overlooked.  Convincing people to make them stop eating junk food can never be a solution to this problem. Instead, they should be made to learn about the mix of junk food, i.e. it’s negative as well as the positive effects. People should be encouraged to take a diet of their choice with right proportion of junk food in it, so that it covers the aspects of both mental and physical health.

Junk Food

In my opinion,

“Its not always about junk or healthy. It sometimes needs a consideration of choice and willingness to eat , WHICH MAKES A DIFFERENCE “

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