The Intoxication Trend

“Drugs take you to hell, disguised as heaven” – Donald Lyn Frost

The new trend of being addicted to alcohol and other intoxicants carves the need of change in the increasing habits of consumption of these substances.Intoxication’ is defined as the condition of having physical or mental control markedly diminished by the effects of alcohol or drugs.

Today, almost every next person is running behind this trend of taking some or the other toxicants in the name of releasing stress and mental pressure. A research states that intaking these kinds of harmful intoxicants instead of helping us to relieve our stress , drag us more into such mental pressure than before. In short, they give “addiction”, a name of “remedy”.  This habit of intoxication initiates on a try and then moves in the direction of addiction. There stands a group of people who enter into this intoxication trend just to “show up” rather than getting in willingly.

The intoxication trend

Intoxicating habits put an adverse effect on our body parts. They not only cause harm to our body but also destroy us mentally. As drinking increases, people become sleepy.After intoxication effects are disastrous at times. The behavioural expression of a given level of intoxication is strongly influenced by cultural and personal expectations about the effects of the drug. Intoxication is highly dependent on the type and dose of drug and is influenced by an individual’s level of tolerance and other factors. Frequently, a drug is taken in order to achieve a desired degree of intoxication.There is a strong need to control the increasing usage of these intoxicants, especially the youth of our country. The best way to achieve this is by educating these intoxicant consumers about the ill effects of doing so.Also, intoxication can be eliminated by breaking the chain of people entering into this sin so that people do not get encouraged to be a part of this cycle.

 The intoxication trend