The ”fairness” folly

Color. A seemingly harmless word. Yet it is this simple term that has reigned supreme over human intellect for generations. The white man somehow felt that his color bestowed in him some divine responsibility to reign over the darker ones. While we may think that it is a folly of the past we are well aware that in spite of the scientific and geographical explanations, we are obsessed with the idea of the color. You’d expect that a country which suffered more than hundred years under a white supremacist rule would be the first to throw it out. But India is still very much running behind “fairness”. Somehow the varna system that we criticize so very often has become embedded in our psyche. While we vehemently oppose racist attacks in western countries we must pause to take a look at ourselves.


In India, we find different skin tones, due to genetics and the geographical variety of the country. Yet fair is equated with beauty and all things good. In matrimonial even if you don’t find educational qualifications, you’ll definitely find that they are fair or at least ”wheatish”. Just look at the ads that advertise beauty creams – miraculous transformation from dark to light “ in just 7 days”. By our consumption rates and the amount of time it’s been in use, by now we would’ve become a bleached country. In fact, your confidence, chances of finding love (it escapes me how love based on color can last ), your job, your car everything depends on the fairness of your skin ( goodbye intellect and hard work ). Also in an attempt to not make the men left out, they’ve generously introduced fairness creams for men, with unscientifically scientific explanations about the different texture and “roughness” of their skin. The society in spite of being mostly dark-skinned would offer numerous advice to attain fairness. The media also furthers the stereotype with whiter than white models for everything from lollipops to limousines. Ironic that when many Indians become victims of racial discrimination abroad we are biased based on color.

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It’s time to face it –  no matter how much you scrub, bleach, or apply for “seven days “ throughout your, life you’ll be stuck with your natural color – unless you’re ready to go all Michael Jackson or alter your genes. Beauty has nothing to do with the color of your skin- but it has everything to do with you as a person. So put those grey cells to use and get your car, job, and life with your personality and strength. Don’t be a victim of societal stereotypes, someone has to break the cycle and the youth of this country are the best people to do it. Remember, being fair has nothing to do with being lovely.