The Boring Company – To Solve Traffic problem !!!

Entrepreneur Innovator Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, SpaceX is very much ambitious about his start-up

He aims to bring down the costs of tunnel boring by 10 folds, which helps him clear his another dream, the ultra high-speed rail project – Hyperloop – The futuristic tube based transportation.

In search of the boring machine to re-innovate and re-engineer, he shook hands with Wisconsin based super excavators. Also drawing plans to dig tunnels at a faster phase and less price.

Though talks between The Boring Company and Super Excavators been since some time. His recent Ted talks and verbal approvals from the government reveal how serious he is into the project.

The Hyperloop network is a magnetically levitated under ground rail cars in tubes which have the capability to reach distances of 350 Kilometers in less than 30 minutes.

Currently, Musk has leased a Gaint Boring Machine which is 100’s of feet long. This machine has previously been used to bore sewer holes in San Fransisco- California and Indianapolis.

The Boring Company - Boring Machine

Adding to this SpaceX engineer and lead for tunnel project Steve Davis said, the Wisconsin based company had a ready made solution when they approached. The machine has been shipped to California, where musk had placed it in the parking lot of SpaceX for the pilot tunnel. He also named his machine as Godot, based on a character in Becketts play who never arrives.

During his most recent Ted Talks about The Boring Company, he also presented a 3-D graphic clip of his plan to build a series of tunnels underneath the city of Los Angeles to transport cars on High-Speed Electric Pods. He also said that the diameter of the tunnel is much lesser than the actual one as electric cars have no emissions and so do not need ventilation systems which are so complicated keeping Tesla cars in mind.

Experts said there is space for innovation in this era, but are sceptical of the complex regulations.


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