The 16 words that bring joy and eliminate the stress!

What are Important Phrases in life?

“It was a good day today” : Just say one time to see your life more optimistic.

“Understand” : More important than always being right is to always be aware.

“I love you” : Everybody wants to say it in the background and everyone wants to hear it.

“I Trust You” : We all need allies in this life.

“I Can Better” : Once you say that, you’ve done half the way to make it happen.

“I did the best I could” : If it is true, you will feel very proud of yourself and what you have done.

Congratulations : If you say it without a trace of jealousy, you will appreciate even more.

“Sorry” : It is very redeeming when you say it and you mean it.

“I made a decision” : The responsibility that this phrase makes turns any activity from chore to a conscious choice.

“I’m Not Done” : Only you decide when a chapter is closed in your life.

“Enough!” : You need to know where to put your own limits.

“Is not it beautiful?” : The more you observe the beauty of the world that surrounds you, the happier you feel.

“You are amazing” : Let yourself feel admirable for someone else and you will feel much louder.

“I Believe In It” : Whether it is the god or a simple idea, you have to show faith in something in your life.

“I do not know how to do it” : You better admit your ignorance of something and learn, rather than pretending to know.

“Thank you for helping to become a reality” : Why nobody can do it all in this life and need to show gratitude to those who help him.

How can we better manage stress? What should we avoid?


– criticize and blame yourself for what is happening,

– be reminded of why you did not respond to what others expected,

– have increased expectations for yourself and others

– and to ‘express’ negatively’

To avoid anxiety, you have to change your way of thinking, make self-discourse, feel happy with what he has accomplished, take deep breaths and make activity and movement in his life.

“Avoid using negative molecules, such as ‘not’ or ‘no’, and negative-negative words such as ‘must’. Your thoughts are directly connected and affect your feelings and behaviour. Talk to yourself either externally, that is to say, loud or inwardly, that is, from within you, trying to relax him and disorient him from negative thoughts.

Find the chance to laugh or watch a program on TV that makes you laugh. It automatically sends the message to the brain that you are well. Remember to take deep breaths, exhaling outward and having in your mind a beautiful thought or image. And, of course, exercise or do some activity and move in your life.

Written by Psychologist Efrosini Mitsiou (Specialization in Non-Directing Group Involvement, Msc School – Developing AUTHaster Practitioner in Nutritional Disorders and Obesity)

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