TCS decided to shutdown office in Lucknow

2000 I.T Professionals in Jeopardy. After the Vice President of TCS Tej Paul Bhatia on Wednesday asked Project Manager to complete their allotted projects by December or transfer to operation centres in Noida and Indore.

Information technology giant Tata Consultancy Services is about to shut down its operating costs in Lucknow. On Wednesday Vice President of TCS arrived in Lucknow and announced this to the project heads and also asked to announce the message to teams and their members.

This move sets nearly 200 I.T. professionals in jeopardy. At least 50% of those working in this centre are female professionals, living with their families in Lucknow and locating to a new city or finding a new job is definitely a daunting task.

TCS Hyderabad- Centre of Excellence
TCS – Centre of Excellence, Hyderabad

Sources from within the company say the operations were not profitable and renegotiation of lease contract of the premises multiplied over the setback. the 10-year long lease contract expired in May 2017 was extended up to April 2018 after failed negotiation between the builder and the company. An employee wrote to Cheif Minister Yogi Aditya Nath articulating about companies earning of 25,000 Crore profits. The employees requested a formal inquiry into the situation also mentioning the companies disinterest to invest in Varanasi but chose to outsource it.

An Official Statement was announced in response saying, the Lucknow operation centre has fewer than 1000 employees and wasn’t an ideal location for client related work. And also said that the employees will be relocated and no one will be fired.

A few months ago after Trump’s protectionist policies, IT giants underprepared ness is causing to lay off nearly 56,000 employees. This number is twice the companies laid off last year. The companies include both national and multi national firms. Since the companies are choosing more localised workforce.


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