Taking time off. How does it makes a difference to employees?

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” ― Plato

In the world of Corporates surrounded by ventures all around, millions of employees are employed to work and serve. But, “No freedom, no independence, no flexibility, nothing.”  for the hard work they do. Implied, they are “restricted” to do work and serve indeed.  

Taking time off

These employees are bounded by forces like boredom and fatigue around the clock. There may be many causes of fatigue, such as long working hours, poor working conditions, unsuitable work, unhappy relations with the boss, etc.  Frederick Winslow Taylor, suggested a theory called “Fatigue study, determining the duration and frequency of rest intervals to complete a particular job. The rest refreshes the workers. They work again with their full capacity.

Taking time off

Taking a break after continuous long hours of work not just refreshes the mind of the employees but also stimulates them to be more focused than before. Also, it adds on to the creativity of the person by giving him time to think something new and innovative.Taking time off from the work, makes a person more concentrated and inclined towards the completion of work within given framework of time.Taking time off

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