Sex and Voyeurism

In India about Sex and Voyeurism

We are a sexually repressed-society. The established norms expect us not to even talk about sex, sexual fantasies being a different matter altogether. On a bigger picture, many of us are ignorant about Homo-sexuality. Whenever the topic of LGBTQIA+ rights comes up, many feel uncomfortable. Furthermore, there are many who out rightly condemn the whole concept. This is where the need for Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) in our schools arises.

Voyeurism through peeping

Recently, a Congress leader was spotted stopping in the traffic and tearing up the posters of a film on an Public bus in Hyderabad. But why? The poster has got the picture of hero and heroine kissing intimately. Yes, he thought these pictures are “very distracting for public safety” and started removing them.

Film Kissing Posters Torn

Not so long ago, the CBFC received a lot of flak for deeming the movie “Lipstick under my burkha”, unsuitable for general audience to watch, citing bizarre reasons. However, if you think about it, you’ll realize that these decisions are actually in sync with majority of our society’s viewpoint. If this is the reaction of our lawmakers towards just a poster of an A-rated film, their stance towards Section 377 is hardly surprising.

poster of an A-rated film

Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)

CSE is very different from the current model of ‘sex-ed’ followed in some schools which often includes a class of giggling students led by someone who themselves is uncomfortable and believes that any mention of the word ‘sex’ would encourage sexual activities. CSE is important because it allows the youth to understand and make informed decisions about their sexuality.

Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)

It is taught over the years using age-appropriate information which is in sync with their evolving learning capacities. It includes scientific information regarding human development and anatomy, helping young people comes to terms with the changes their bodies and minds are undergoing. It is inclusive of heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual and multiple other sexual identities and behaviors.

Difference between Sex and Voyeurism

Assuming that school-going children and youth are not mature enough to decide what’s “dangerous and distractive” for them is not just derogatory but also belittles them. With the advent of social media and a P.M. who quotes our ‘demographic dividend’ as a selling point, young people’s opinion matters today like never before. In fact, they will be the ones who go on to become policy makers and legislators who will decide on these issues. Or even parents and teachers later, who will be able to educate their children about this better.

Not Sex but Voyeurism

We need a proper sexual awareness right from the childhood. Parents must take the responsibility of educating their kids in this respect. They should know the difference between Sex and Voyeurism.

In conclusion, if both the film-makers and audience don’t know the difference between sex and rape, abuse and romance, sensuality and vulgarity, aesthetic representation and voyeurism, we will never understand what to stand for and what to put down. India is a country where a person of 18 years of age is considered conscious enough to decide who will rule the country and at the age of 25, the person is conscious enough to become the ruler. In such a country, there should be no censure in the liberty of viewers to decide which movie to watch.

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