Seriously, Delhi Youth! WTF is wrong with you?

Very recently, one of my friends from Delhi shared an event organized by a page in FB titled ‘ShitIndiansSay’ that he was interested in attending. It read, and I’m not even kidding, – “Shouting Bolna Aunty Aau Kya at Connaught Place”. Some 16000+ people were interested in attending that event too. I was a bit curious as to what was the fuss about this brand new slogan and I searched it upon Google. At first, I thought it to be an attempt by someone like Dhinchak Pooja, which our youth found hilarious. No. That was not all.

I came to know that it was the new rap number sung by a wannabe singer named Om Prakash Mishra, and it was getting popular across all platforms of Social Media, courtesy, memes, GIFs, spoof videos etc. of the original song. It had already garnered over a million views. The lyrics of the original, however, left me seething with anger. I was angry on the singer because, this is not a song. It is nothing less than a sexual assault on half the population of Earth. I was even angrier with the youth who gathered at various parts of the Capital, to purposelessly shout the lines from this god-awful song only to indicate the kind of profanity towards which our youth was moving.

Objectification of women using derogatory words has always been a favorite tool of sick minded people like Mishra. My actual concern is the reception that such mentality has received. I was dumbfounded to see that more than 28K people have ‘liked’ that crap. I agree that art is autonomous and it’s the matter of individual subjectivity. But this is no art at all! It’s an open gender attack and the nightmarish projection of what painful and cruel ordeal women go through in their daily life.

I’m really baffled as to whom to blame for this kind of vulgarity that has crept into the minds of our youth. Is it the western culture? Is it a mental distortion created due to unhealthy lifestyle? Is it the effect of unsuccessful career prospects that causes youth to take obnoxious paths in life? All I know is that vulgarity and art never stand in a complementary relation. The pertinent point is about what steps should be taken so that it doesn’t become a tradition to lyrically assault females. No one should be allowed to naturalize sexual assaults even in any form of life or art.

Chanakya once said – “The world’s biggest power is the youth and beauty of a woman.” This statement will lose it relevance if our youth turn out to be nothing but a bunch of sexually obsessive perverts.

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