Samsung’s bendable phone will bend your mind

Speaking of Samsung’s bendable phone. Tech is all about making impossible a possible deed

The world of tech awaits a new revolution. The only one of its kind. “Samsung”, plans to add new colours to this world of tech by launching a bendable phone. For some people it’s like, sounds impossible”  but then again “Tech is all about making impossible a possible deed”. This initiative by Samsung is thus expected to give a good competition to all its rivals, putting out a major effect on the tech industry. Samsung’s bendable phone doesn’t just bend the screen but will bend your mind too.

Samsung’s bendable phone is something that revolutionises the way phones are used

The launch of this “Samsung’s bendable phone”  is expected by 2018. Thinking of the name, “mysterious Samsung Galaxy X” comes out to be an expected subject for his new device. Way back in 2011, Samsung had this very same idea of bringing out this flexible phone into existence. The device looked chunky and awkward, but even back then it somewhat worked, remaining intact after 100,000 folds, with only a 6% drop in brightness at the centre, where all the folding action happened.Before being internally known as Galaxy X, the company’s bendable display smartphone was codenamed ‘Project Valley’. Since It had several flaws so this design couldn’t come into existence. This clearly wasn’t a commercial product, than what it was actually expected to be. There was a need of betterment. A better idea and a better design indeed. One, which can be “folded or moulded” according to all our needs and requirements.

Samsung's bendable phone

Samsung has been demonstrating the display technology required for such a device many times over the last decade, but the complete success is still awaited. On the other hand, Samsung wants to be seen as an innovator in the mobile business rather than a fast-follower. Some sources even claimed that these bendable phones will be released by the end of this year, contrary to the current scenario of progress. The design and features of the Galaxy X are still unknown.

Samsung's bendable phone

Samsung   Galaxy X is expected to be launched before the arrival of the Galaxy Note 8, probably by the third quarter of the next year.

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