Robocop to be seen on Hyderabad Roads

Hyderabad will soon become the second city in the world to have the first robot for performing police duties. So this is going to be India’s first city.  The government of Telangana State plans to announce a policy on IoT ( Internet of Things). Telangana I.T secretary Jayesh Ranjan has unveiled the Robocop which stands 6 feet tall developed by Hyderabad-based StartUp H-Bots Robotics Pvt Ltd. And would set it up at Jubilee Hills check post once completed.

According to the founder of H-Bots, Mr. Kisshhan. The design of the RoboCop makes it walk and recognize people, take complaints and diffuse bombs. This is an indegeneuously built humanoid robot. The prototype of the robot would be ready by September of this year. And would undergo rigorous testing for two months and would be deployed at Jubilee check post on December 31st.

He also added the robot in Dubai which only moves on wheels but the one built here is more complex with special abilities to walk, take complaints from people and also diffuse bombs.

Robocops to hit roads in hyderabad/ sharejunk
Robot Police Seen In DUBAI

A total of 10 such private Robocop’s will be built which can be private security guards and can be deployed in hotels available at a price of 3 lakhs each.

Mr. Ranjan in a statement said. T-works which will be another feature project in Hyderabad being set up with a cost if 50 cr. Where prototyping lab, innovation opportunities in electronics and semiconductors will be made available for innovators. An MOU has also been signed with prototyping lab California.


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