Remember Road Rash? The long forgotten past of Rage Now as Road Redemption

Road Redemption is set to hit masses of fans soon

road redemption

Remember the days of rage on road, Speaking about Road Rash. The ultimate gaming days of childhood especially for those 90’s kids. Road Rash is coming back but with more rage. Call it Road Redemption. Adding to the gameplay I would listen to Death On The Road while playing say just to spice it up.

The game is also a racing game but much unlike what you think. The scenario is setup varying from Coastal road to Urban traffic.

Each Player starts with a weapon (like pipe, wrenches). Sometimes Just your legs, where you kick of the other rider onto the oncoming traffic.

road redemption

What adds to the latest Road Rash a.k.a Road Redemption is it has a multitude of cars, trucks as well as bikes and Ammunition. The Online version is expected to have randomized tracks where you don’t get used to the layout of the road or scenario.

road redemption

The early access of Road Redemption is expected to roll out on October 4.

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