Remember these Things And Life goes On.

Remember when your relationship ends, remember these things.
Remember that every second of every minute you were with him, you thought of him as god, when he should have been seeing a goddess in you too. But instead he saw just a girl and that is why it hurts this much. You need to love each other for humanity within you, or you should love each other like gods, there is no middle path.

Remember these things Quote

The darkest version of this kind of magic of how little you think of yourself right now. And this is because he didn’t want you. But think of all those people who want you, who think you are special, who think the world of you. They may not be him, but the trouble is you let him become the sun when you should have let him remain human instead. Humans are flawed. No one deserves that pedestal in your head, but you. There will always be another boy. But what you should be looking for is a man.

Remember these things Quote

The strongest thing about you was the thing he had forgotten to appreciate and you deserve someone who looks at that very thing about you and respects you and admires you greatly for it. Even when you said you needed him the most, even when you had given him that third, fourth, fifth chance to make amends, he did not apologise to you the way he should have, and you deserve than that any day.
There is enough kindness and strength in your heart that you will want to give him a third, fourth and fifth chance. Don’t, not today, not tomorrow, not day after. No one is worth the time and effort. No one, but you. Start thinking of three things that made you smile today and day before. And remember that without him, there are still things in this world that make you smile. Hold onto that.

Do everything you enjoyed when he thought was annoying or simply not good enough, even the smallest things. Feel the freedom of no one telling you what you should do and shouldn’t do. Remember these things, the girl you were before you met him. Remember her, with the smiles and the grace and the funny stories that didn’t involve him. Remember him with the strength to get over anything. Channel her. Bring her back. She deserves resurrection.

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