Reliance Jio Hacked ! Officials say no, Users say yes

This can certainly be one of the biggest data breaches in India. Also, a major setback to the startup telecom network Reliance Jio earned by Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Group.

Sources say the data hacked has been posted online on a website Jio has a users base of nearly 120 million, says the website’s data seem to be unauthentic and the website users data is safe and they also ordered a probe to investigate the situation. Currently, the site has been offline and unable to connect.

Reliance jio spokesperson says, there has been no date leak and want to assure subscribers that their data is safe and is only available to law enforcements on request.

reliance jio hacked.

The website was open and access to users data with just mobile number was observed before the site shutdown. was the first site reportedly to be breached which claims that their colleague’s data has been put open. The site was just a search box where the info of users who subscribed last week were also available according to timesnow.

All the users have been registered using Aadhar number which is unique to every person and stores demographic and biometric data.  If the investigation declares the data breach is true. It is a disaster to Indian telecom startup Reliance Jio led by Mukesh Ambani which has seen a positive growth of subscribers until now.  Irrespective of Reliance Jio’s official’s claims of data being secure. Many users tweeted and complained on Twitter about personal information of Jio users being openly available on,

Many users complained on Twitter about personal information of millions of Reliance Jio users being publicly available on The website was showing the last name, first name, sim card number, activation date, circle and 12 digit Aadhar number. As what appears to be the first of its kind large-scale data breach of an Indian telecom operator.


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