Reclaim Yourself

This is how you will reclaim yourself. You will hold yourself close on the nights when you think about them and remind yourself how much better is the world without them because finally you can dance naked around your apartment and the bed is definitely more comfortable. And your looks exactly the way you want it to be and most importantly, there is no one making you feel bad about the things you like. You can have Britney Spears on as loud as you want it to be and there is no one there to cringe at your music taste.

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This is how you will reclaim yourself. You will watch TV shows and not feel bereft when you see a couple in love. You will instead look for that cool single person who does whatever they want and travels and you will emaluate them. You will taste your heartache and swallow it right back because it has no business coming back again, not when you’re healing and finally free.

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This is how you will reclaim yourself. You will spring clean your mind. You will keep the good memories in one box and bad in the other. And you will put both boxes in a room to be reopened when you are fully healed from the way you left them. You will delete every little contact you had with them. You will destroy every method you might get in touch with them. You will open your mind up and go on a trip you have been putting off for ages, all by yourself and breathe in the air of freedom as you go.

Reclaim Yourself Quote

This is how you will reclaim yourself. You will rebirth your heart. You will understand how you are the most important thing you need in this moment, in this time, in this space. How you are all you have always needed to survive and thrive. How your heart has always had the room to love another, but it belongs so firmly to you. This is you. Reclaiming your life. Reclaiming yourself.

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