A Pursuit, that is Happiness

Real Happiness is eternal

Every one of us wants to be happy in life. But this happiness has different definitions for each one of us. For many of us, it is about settling for a good life, a good companion, a good job that lets you draw a fat salary. Fair enough. Some aspire to lead a balanced life in all aspects. But I’ve always wondered: What really is ‘Happiness’? In my opinion, happiness is simply the pursuit or the effort. An effort to perform well against a rival who’d defeated you earlier in a Tennis match. An effort to score better grades in the next exam. It is always the honest effort that matters.

Pursuing happiness

Happiness in guitar

I’d like to give you my own example. I love playing guitar. That is one thing I do, which gives me immense happiness. But when I thought about what is there in guitar and not in my books that attract my heart, I found some answers. That reason behind it is not that I play well. Nobody is born being good at something. But because every time I hold the guitar, I try to be better than before. I try to analyze every sound generated when I pluck the strings, every tune I play. No matter who my audience is, there is always something to learn from; Things that I can imbibe to make my next performance better. And this pursuit is what I think makes all the difference.

Simple things bring happiness

Life also is no less than a performance. We often attach it with failures, victories, expectations, comparisons and what not! But is this attachment and thinking over all this really worth it? What are we really trying to achieve, despite knowing the fact that nothing can be achieved perfectly?

Happiness quotes , living happy

Life is a guitar, which too can be enjoyable once we know how to play; with the right focus and in the right spirit. Here, the biggest competitor for you is you. The biggest applause/criticism that you can ever get is from yourself. You have to be better than the person you were yesterday. And, tomorrow better than what you are today.

The effort you have to put is the goal. Fascinating enough?

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