My Dream Vs. My Love

I was a normal guy pursuing my B.Tech – that’s right I am one of them, mostly confused about the thing when it came down to my career. I was in a dilemma. Should I go with engineering or look for something else? My parents said, “You can do whatever you want and we’ll be there for you.” That was cool and indeed very supportive. But for the boy who didn’t even know the options before him, this wasn’t quite sufficient. I mean, I could not go for “whatever”, I need to know what that ‘whatever’ was first. And it turned out to be a decent job in an IT firm, completely unrelated to what I’d studied in my engineering. This was the system of education in India which had crippled me.

Freedom is not the absence of commitments, but the ability to choose and commit myself to what is best for me
The ho-hum job from dusk to dawn got me bored in a few months, so I decided to look for the alternative I had and found out that it was Public Service’. My father, who knew me quite well since I was a little kid, voiced a similar opinion as of mine regarding my intentions and completely backed my decision to commence with the preparation for the most prestigious exam in our country to contribute to the upliftment of the lower strata of the society. Few months passed by.


Use wisely your power of choice, Bad or Good, My Dream

A confused individual that I am, I found out that the choice I made was not completely satisfying either. In spite of studying for 7-8 hours a day, I felt I missed something in my life. I realized that I loved playing guitar. I realized that I also loved writing and sketching. IAS was my dream and these activities were my love. It was getting more and more difficult for me to choose. We all go through such phase of indecision in our lives. It’s natural.

Post thorough brainstorm, I came to a conclusion – continue IAS preparation, which is my dream, perform in coffee clubs and mocha bars nearby from time to time, contribute articles to websites whenever given an opportunity to do so and sell my sketches to people who love them. I didn’t want my love to be a burden on my father anymore.

You've got 3 Choices Give In, Give Up or Give it all you've got

I’ve read this somewhere – “Follow your dreams. Don’t care about the money. Make sure you earn enough before stupid thoughts like this come to your mind.” Mooted argument, but that’s exactly why I’m doing the things I love to fuel the quest to achieve my dream. As I’m writing this letter, I’ve already gone through many rough patches during my period of struggle and now I’m confident that I will hit it as hard as it takes to break the competition.

I’ll conclude with some words of wisdom: “Don’t stop loving what you love because of your dream and don’t kill your dream because of what you love.”

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