“Laughter yoga”  , backed up by hard science 

The advantages or benefits of laughter are no jokes either new to us. A forced chortle is also beneficial to your health, which is why more than 100 countries have joined the Laughing Yoga clubs, and Doctors actually started suggesting to sick, elderly and actually everyone for stress relief from day to day busy lives.

Please plug in Your headset or turn up the volume when watching this small video. It is contagious 😀

Laughter yoga includes a list of relaxation techniques and also breathing ( inhale and exhale) exercises that stimulate and neutralize stress. The therapy or practice was first invented by Dr. Madan Kataria in India in 1995. He started his experiments in the Indian city – Mumbai. All he did was asking his subjects to fake laugh and eventually, these fakes laughs also worked as the genuine ones. As we know the smile is infectious and also creates a positive vibrance around, which only helped in the betterment of physical and psychological health.

After his first experiments of laughter in Mumbai, Dr.Kataria has developed this practice and also encouraged his patients and visitors to follow his simple laughter advises, which soon spread and has got a good international following.

After that many types of research done in various universities.  they only added more strength to what Dr. Kataria believed in, as the laughter proved to be more powerful than what Dr. Kataria had believed. Laughter not only added to the improvement of physical and psychological benefits but also associated with improving heart rate, the functionality of Immune system, lowered hypertension, reduced stress hormone production, increase in saliva flow and improved tolerance of pain. Even if you are in no mood to laugh, Try It.. watch prank videos online or Stand Up comedy, somehow you’d feel that induced relaxation of well-being.

Dr.Kataria also started a website which calls itself as Laughter Yoga University.

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