Journey through thoughts when we travel alone

“TRAVEL ALONE! The best way to be lost and found all at the same time” –Brenna Smith

Traveling is an all-time pleasing experience. Accompanied by mates, friends and relatives, travelling is always a mix of pleasant and unpleasant memories but as remarked by Ken Poirot,“Some journeys in life can only be travelled alone.”.  A trip where no one accompanies you but you still feel complete at all your adventures. These journeys travelled alone, give us an undiscovered experience of discovering our own self roaming around this world. Solo trips give us an opportunity of talking to ourselves, away from the chattering trend of this world. 


Here is an extract of poem depicting a journey of person traveling alone and about how this world respond to his expedition,


The solo wanderer

Far from the world, away to the dearth

Unnoticed wherever he went, on the whole earth

Mysterious were those reasons, which he always gave

And the way very wired, in which he behaved

The world did repel and he did the same

Now never do utter in arguments so lame

Isn’t this thing so sad

That this lad was often called mad

Theories of his own

to which he was prone

Reasons that he had

for being this much glad

And this be the reason why memories seem so blur

A story of solo wanderer

      -Rishab Agarwal

traveling aloneWhen we go out to such expedition,  we always get a mixed experience of free mind and deep thinking at the same time. Our mind sometimes centres upon minutest of things while sometimes refrain itself from craziest of experience. Always lost in deep imagination but yet so relaxed. Music plays an important element of solo trips relaxing mind and soothing heart at every next step of solo journey.

traveling alone‘While travelling alone, way to destination seems more pleasing than the actual destination.’

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