Mukesh Ambani house on Fire, Jio Hacked. ARE THEY LINKED?

Fear among people is rising as the data of the Jio sim users is leaked. Further to this, Mukesh Ambani house was on fire. These series of events are leading to a targeted attack on Mukesh Ambani. 


The data leak of the Reliance Jio sim users might result in unauthorised use of information, miscue of personal details, physical and network access. The main reason for fear rising among the customers is the data breach leading to sensitive bank account details being misused and money hawala. When the whole country is worried about these issues, there is limited coverage of these events in the news.

Jio hack, Mukesh Ambani House Fire -

At the time of this crisis, the second unexpected event of fire raging Mukesh Ambani house (Antilia’s terrace) is the focus of suspicion. Though the situation is under control now, the authorities say it’s just an accidental cause. But many concern that, how would a world’s most expensive residential property after Buckingham Palace valued over $1 billion experience such a disaster. Despite having the most secured and well-equipped fire measures, earthquake survival rated 8 on Richter scale and 600 staff working 24/7 the house caught fire leading to various suspicions among the civilians. Although, Mumbai being the home to some of the Asia’s worst slums still accepted Ambani’s lack of empathy to the poor and became a part of Jio revolution in the country.

Mukesh Ambani House Fire , Jio Data leak

All the speculation shows that there might be a third indirect attack to bring down Jio competition according to the conspiracy theorists, they are also not sure who is behind the attacks, is it an organisation or group of anonymous members???


Note: Information is provided from unverified source

Video clip projecting Mukesh Ambani house on fire