Ivanka Trump’s visit to Hyderabad and begging ban

Hyderabad awaits the coming of its esteemed guest Ivanka Trump, an advisor to the President of the United States, Donald Trump and daughter from his first wife for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit from 28-30 November. Being jointly hosted by the US and India, the entrepreneurship summit is an annual event that this year will focus on supporting female entrepreneurs.


Over last few weeks, streets in Hyderabad are witnessing something unusual. As a consequence of this visit, authorities in Hyderabad have imposed a ban on begging with more than 200 beggars being disposed off their current place and transferred to separate shelter homes for men and women. They are also being offered clean clothes, a shower and a bed. Since begging is a criminal offence in India, beggars in Hyderabad are warned of being sent to jail if they are found doing it again.

ivanka trump in hyderabad

Due to increasing rate of poverty in India, as much as 20% of Indian population is relying upon begging for survival. Hyderabad estimates around 13000 beggars in the city from which about half of them beg for meeting their minimum needs of life while other half is involved in this sin of begging for alcohol and drugs. V.K. Singh, a top police officer assured to complete the clearing of beggars from the city roads by the end of the month. Also, he remarked that the person who will be informing the police about the beggars will be given cash rewards.

ivanka trump in hyderabad leads to strict implementation of begging ban

Here the point that is worth talking about, is the consistency in the stiffness of rules being framed in opposition to begging. Will these rules of begging ban continue in the streets of Hyderabad, once the summit is over? The answer seem ambiguous. There are many such instances of past in our country where poor and homeless were pushed out of sight as India hosts international visitors for maintaining a better image worldwide. Everyone being a responsible citizen of our country should try to retain this image in actual terms in our own eyes than just to please our worthy guests.