Internship – What makes them so important?

Scene 1 – Exam hall.

X^2 + Y^3 = 47, narrow down the possible solutions of (x,y).

Scene 2 – Interview hall.

So, tell us something more about yourself? Why should we hire “you” when we have many others out there?  Tell us about a time when you faced a really tough challenge. How did you face it?

Get the point?
Well, I’ll be more specific.

If we have worked really hard to enter & graduate from blue blood institutions and cannot land a decent job for living, something is wrong somewhere in this process or the expectation gap of the individuals who graduate, the educators and the employers or maybe both the reasons mentioned above. This, undoubtedly, leads to angered and frustrated individuals who aspire for the stars but are left clueless about the pursuit.  Being an undergraduate student of a reputed university, pursuing evergreen courses like Arts/Engineering/MBA, one starts to think that post the four lovely years of college, life will become cloud nine. Thinking about how tens of companies will start queuing up to hire you, you start building up your castle in the air. The course kick starts and ends with the semester examinations. Then comes the phase of holidays. What was once a time of bliss is now a time of rigor, that is, if you worked for that rigor during the pre-holiday season to land an internship or an on-site training.


An internship, typically, means that you receive some sort of training with any organization while studying simultaneously. This is brilliant because students get exposed to industrial culture and often get to work on real life projects. In fact, companies often visit campuses to provide internships to students and sometimes these students are offered a Pre-Placement Offer or Pre-Placement interview depending on their performances during the internship period. Now a question pops up in your mind. What’s the big deal about an internship?


Previously, internships were not looked at like something which could hone somebody’s skills but only as a hobby which a person took up to utilize his free time. Internships today constitute a major part of a student’s resume. The four walled education provided by our institutions will no doubt suffice for a degree at the end of the course but without an on-site exposure it will just look like another piece of paper. Internships share the same gravity as that of a trainee in an organization who looks forward to being absorbed in the organization at some point of time. Employers also look at the internship background of a person before he/she can be zeroed in for a job. They look for that sort of an employee who knows the nuances in the industry beforehand and can work with minimum directions.


Internships are worth a great deal for various reasons. Firstly, you get a notion or a basic idea of which field suits you better. Secondly, you get a head start on your peers and lastly the more rewarding aspect of an internship lies in the fact that you might just land up with a job in the organization where you are interning. By the time internship period gets over, it takes with you an experience that will not only add on to your resume, but will also open doors for you in future! The high you get when you tell people not to disturb you when you’re at work, will be immense! Such is the pleasure of interning with any organization pertaining to your field of interest.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind before selecting an internship:
  • Go for a company that will make work. Some organizations do not utilize an intern’s talent to the greatest extent. (Try going in for a not-so-famous place. They’ll definitely make you work)
  • Internships are normally for shorter periods of time, so why risk losing most of the hands-on experience? Do not take frequent leaves.
  • Do not trust the internet all the time. They might not be genuine. With lot of hoax websites out there luring students in, it’s a bit difficult to narrow them down. Websites like Internshala and Oysterconnect, on the other hand, might be helpful.
  • Do not ask for a paid internship if you are a fresher with zero experience.
  • Make sure you remain in the good books of your mentors. They will be helpful in the long run even after you are done with your internship.

The point of an internship at the end of the day is to help students gain experience before they begin their professional careers, thus breaking the chain of qualifications required for various positions. In my opinion, no matter what is your course, do try to utilize and hone your skills as a practical hands on is always talked than the number of marks you scored in your semester examination. Because employers look for the right fit and not really a person who scored 100/100 in Electrical Machines or an A grade in English Literature. Are the concerned people listening?


Author: Karthik