India’s Love Hotels – Stayuncle, boon or a bane?

Entering this world where “Relationships” need a tag to define their existence. A time, when name to a relationship is more important than it’s feelings. In an attempt to cover these flaws of backward thinking of society, takes an initiative of change.

Founded by Blaze Arizanov, Sanchit Sethi, and Shubhneet Kohli in 2004, “StayUncle is a hotel booking website in India for both married and unmarried couples.”  With it’s approach expanded to 40 cities of our country, it allows Unmarried couples to stay in hotels without any major restrictions imposed on them except for the local ID card which they need to show at the time of check in.

As the tagline suggests, “Couples need a room, not a judgement”, StayUncle carries forward this ideology by providing safe and secure hotels for unmarried couples. Some critiques argue that this kind of initiative will harm the society by empowering these young couples to move in a wrong direction even more freely but they don’t realize it’s very need in this country where we constantly talk about modernization competing the western countries.

India's Love Hotels - Stayuncle

India’s Love Hotels – The need for this kind of initiative stands must. As BUSINESS INSIDER also claims that,This bold startup aims to help unmarried couples find a room without being harassed” 

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