How History Could’ve Been Different

A world war, the most horrific genocide in world history, the death of millions and the creation of Nazi Germany– none of these would’ve happened, apparently, if Adolf Hitler had not been snubbed by the German Socialist Party.

Dr. Thomas Weber, an English historian who has been researching about the Nazi leader has discovered documents which prove that Hitler was rejected by the far – right German Socialist Party in 1919, causing him to join the Nazi Party. The German socialist party was a considerably large and successful organization and it would‘ve been difficult for Hitler to rise through the ranks like he did with the relatively weaker Nazi party. The more able leadership of the Socialist party would have put Hitler on the sidelines.

source: zee news

Dr. Weber speculates that Hitler’s opinionated nature had something to do with the rejection of his membership. He also cites that this was the reason why Hitler opposed the move of the Nazi party to join forces with the German Socialist Party several times. In fact, Dr.Weber points out that there was also the possibility of a merger which would’ve ensured the end of Nazi party had it not been for Hitler -by the time a strong force in the party- who refused to do so, probably still holding on to the old grudge.

Once he joined the Nazis he had a meteoric rise to power, becoming the leader of the party in 1921 and later the Chancellor of Germany, establishing Nazi dictatorship in the country. His rule witnessed the holocaust of about six million Jews and other ethnic groups. He led the country and the world to the Second World War, which had devastating repercussions around the world.

We can never be sure but the history of the world could’ve been completely different if he was admitted in the German Socialist Party. But we can only brood over the possibilities. Hitler’s countryman and the first Chancellor of West Germany, Konrad Adenauer had aptly summed it up – ‘’History is the sum total of things that could’ve been avoided”.