Wish You A Happy Lefthanders Day- August 13

The struggle is real for lefthanders when it comes to certain things like three binder book, scissors to bonking elbows with your righty friend at the dining table.


So let’s learn a few facts about lefties on this International lefthanders day which falls on 13th August every year.

Fact 1: Only one tenth of the world population are lefthanders and this number has remained constant for centuries. Of these lefties, men are more likely to be left handed than women.

international lefthanders day

There are certain sports like Baseball, tennis where left handers excel.

Fact 2: Since History Lefthanders were assumed to be inferior as the left hand is believed to be linked with witch craft.

Researchers have case studies which link left-handedness with intellectual creativity.

Fact 3: Hand Shake with the left hand is considered disrespectful as since mid ages people used left hand to use toilet wipes.

Lefties Adjust easily to see underwater.


Fact 4: “Sinister” is derived from Latin language word “Sinestra” which means left hand but also “evil” or “unlucky”.

Though it’s only 10 percent of the world population, there have been a handful of famous lefties in history.

international left handers day

Fact 5: It was ancient greeks and Romans tradition of wearing wedding rings on 3rd finger of the left hand, which was worn to fend the evil associated with the left hand.

The last five of eight presidents of United States were Lefthanders.  As per Statistics lefthanderday.com, one of the four Apollo mission astronauts were left handed.

lefthanders - presidents of USA SOURCE: https://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/03/07/when-your-child-is-a-lefty/

Fact 6: Spanish Tennis champion “Rafael Nadal” switched to left hand as his coach believed it would be a bigger advantage on the court than the right hand.

Fact 7: In the famous show The Simpsons, the character named Ned Flanders setup a left handers shop and named it leftorium.


Fact 8: There is a place in West Virginia of United States named left hand but the name has nothing to do with left handed. It is named after closeby left-hand run creek.

Let’s take a look at famous Lefthanders

Barack Obama- Former President of The United States of America.

Leanardo Da Vince- Inventor, engineer, painter

Tom Cruise- Hollywood star

James Cameroon- Director ( Titanic, Avatar)

Prince William- Duke of Cambridge

Henry Ford- Industrialist, Founder of Ford Motors.

Aristotle- Philosopher

Neil Armstrong- Astronaut


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