What happens in our mind when we keep a secret

   A secret kept, is a truth partially hidden. In this world so huge, surrounded by people all around, there remains some untold words, “secrets” as we call them. Thinking over this all, thing of belief and disbelief walk parallel to each other. Belief resulting to reveal , while disbelief leading to secrets.

Keeping a secret

Today, secret has become a relative term. It all depends upon the mutual understanding and trust between the people which makes up a secret or disclose it. Unlike the way we expect them to be, secrets are never so stiff so that they remain unrevealed for the entire life. Instead,these relative secrets keep on coming out as a consequence of general gossips. Often sometimes, keeping secrets just come out to be a source of “self satisfaction” far away from its real objective. An old saying says ,“Secrets are meant to be kept”  preaching others not to reveal it all.

But wait, there’s a definition of secret saying ,“Something not known or not meant to be known or seen by others.”  which stands apart from what is preached above. A secret should be stiff enough,so that people don’t even get to know that any of such secret do exists or not. Secrets are all about keeping an information confined and restricted. This channel of information should be kept very limited so as to avoid any unwanted transit of some confidential information.

Keeping a secret

Keeping secrets gives the feeling of satisfaction and guilt at the same time. Also, it gives a fear to the person relating it. Fear of secret being revealed, a fear which continuously stimulates the person to keep the secret undisclosed. Guilt of keeping secret comes out as a consequence of hiding the truth from the ones who deserve to know it. Secrets often stimulates the curiosity in the minds of third person that may even raise his/her temperament, leading to conflict at times.

Keeping a secret soft copy or hard copy


Well said eve, “I’d rather make all my secrets public than have an image based on gossip. I’d rather put it out there myself and control it.”

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