Elon Musk: The Untold Story

“When I was in college, I wanted to be involved in things that would change the world”– Elon Musk


Born on 28th June 1971 ‘Elon Reeve Musk’ is a South African entrepreneur. Beginning his life from Pretoria, South Africa he stayed mainly with his father. He was very fond of reading. Musk was bullied by his mates in his high school. Also, Elon didn’t have a great social life. Musk sold his first video game called ‘Blaster’ at the age of 12 which he sold for $500. Musk attended the Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario for under graduation and later in 1989 shifted to University of Pennsylvania. In 1995 he went to Stanford University, California for his PhD(Physics) and dropped out soon.


He worked with his brother to develop the software company ‘Zip2’, which provided services to a high-end newspaper. As his first independent venture in November 1999, Musk founded X.com. It was one of the world’s first online banks which later turned out to be another successful startup of money transfer service by Musk i.e ‘PayPal’ ás we all know it today. ‘PayPal’ then, focussed exclusively on building of these internet payment services. Interestingly, ‘PayPal’ once employed the founders of YouTube.

Elon Musk
image source: fortune.com

Later, eBay bought PayPal for $1.5 Billion and Musk moved ahead in the discovery of something new and exciting. In 2002, Musk invested in a company called ‘SpaceX’ which primarily dealt with manufacturing of space vehicles. X.com was contacted by NASA  to launch craft to ‘International Space Station’. He then invested in Tesla, started with the mission of designing and building electric cars.

Musk became the Chairman &  CEO of Tesla and holds this position till today. In 2013, Musk launched a project called Hyperloop, a high-speed travel technology that, in theory, could replace aeroplane travel as a faster and cheaper option.

elon musk


“Nothing worth Comes easy.”  Both his flagship companies SpaceX and Tesla Motors came alarmingly close to failing. Also, he was going through a divorce at the same time which put him under mental pressure for a while.

elon musk
image source: buisnessinsider.com

Esquire magazine recognized Elon Musk as one one of the most influential person’s of the 21st century.  ‘Fortune’ magazine’s In 2013 has named  Elon Musk ‘Businessperson of the Year‘ for his companies ‘SpaceX’, ‘Tesla Motors’ and ‘SolarCity’. Musk promised to donate a majority of his wealth for philanthropic purposes. 


Elon Musk had an eye for seeing the vision to bring a change in this world by his works. He believed in never giving up on anything. Also, felt the need of being strong at the most difficult times to overcome them all. He believed in doing hard work. Lastly,  he often felt that degrees don’t make much difference in making a man successful. 

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