Depression – The Deadliest problem of the present

Today I want to talk about something that is least talked about all over – Depression. Yes. Most people think depression is sadness, crying, dressing in black or even removing the WhatsApp DP. But most people are wrong. Then what is depression?

Depression , Worthlessness, Anxiety

The newspapers tell us many tales: tales of war, poverty, savagery, and all unspeakable horrors that we do collectively. But do they ever speak upon the problems that the individuals experience? When have we ever taken the time to think how somebody else’s life is really like? We look at their social media and probably think that it’s the reflection of the life they’re leading. But behind those virtual scenes, there are things they don’t talk about. Things we don’t talk about. As the most advanced race, do we ever acknowledge the fact that depression is perhaps the single most deadly disease that we have ever encountered?

Depression is the absence of emotions

The void which consumes any feeling, and leaves a person dead emotionally like an invisible dementor to us muggles. Depression is when you have your soul ripped out from you, the pain transcending into painlessness, the vitality becoming languidity.

The worst part about depression Quote

I recently binge watched the currently trending Netflix show, ’13 Reasons Why’, which is based on the book of the same name written by Jay Asher. I realized after watching it, how important books and shows like these are. They tell a story of people who are depressed. People, who are lonely like Hannah Baker, desperately try to beat the heat, by endlessly looking into others like Clay Jensen, for satisfying their needs of companionship. Through that painful story, there’s a message. A message that shows that we all need help; help in being better people. Also, we need to talk about it.

Depression is real

It is stupid to think that only weak people commit suicide. It’s not stupid. It’s insensitive. Depression is a deep black hole. You keep looking for the light, and then you’re empty, you don’t care about the light; you don’t care about anything at all. And, then you want to end it.

Do not believe the things you say yourself when you are sad and alone quote

Suicide isn’t a game. It’s a point somebody reaches when they’re in too deep. We should not let people to get to that point. It’s important to address depression as a real issue. It’s important to be nice and stop bullying of any kind. It’s imperative that we create the necessary space to talk, but first, listen to the people who are depressed.

We might have leaped into the virtual age, but we still need supporting hands. Hands that can hold us, that can give us a helping hand.

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