Define Your Perfect

We live in an imperfect world that ironically demands perfection. We are all running behind that elusive perfect – the perfect job’ the perfect love, the perfect looks, the perfect everything. One pressure point of this is the perfect look. Somehow some people believe that size zero is synonymous with beauty. Body shaming is a result of this perfect figure, and many are victims. People judge you on the size of your body. A plus-sized person is often the butt of jokes. people who are skinny are also not left alone.While some are mocked for being fat others are teased for being too thin.


The pressure is to have a slim waist, toned legs, the entire Barbie doll model. While on one part of the world millions are starving to death, on the other side many are starving themselves to attain the perfect size. The trend of dieting may have its benefits but much of it arises from insecurity from one’s body and the pressure of society. It ‘s fine if you want it for yourself, but never try to alter yourself for someone else.Photoshopped perfection that the media depicts every day works to mold such hollow ideals. With the security of anonymity and unrestricted freedom that social media offers the abuses have increased. Both men and women are victims. These incidents become debates when celebrities are involved – with some counting their every calory gain and abusing them for it. However many face such taunts on a daily basis.


It is pathetic that a civilization that prides so much on its intellect has become so superficial. Body shaming is the cause of many eating disorders like bulimia, anorexia etc. It mounts a huge inferiority complex on a person, affects their self-esteem, sometimes pushing them into depression. Such issues have become topics of mainstream discussions and have led to a better awareness of the issue. The modeling industry has been embracing plus sized models and has introduced healthier weight requirements for models, following wide reports of eating disorders among models. But there is a long way to go.


There need be just one slogan for a healthy life – do what makes you happy. The world will never stop ranting or judging but define your perfect and own it.