The danger with the toothbrush in the bathroom

We all keep our toothbrush somewhere in the bathroom, usually near the washbasin we wash.

Brush our teeth, put it in place (eg in a glass) and leave. The next time we take it again and brush our teeth properly. But after the result of the research done by scientists at Quinnipiac University, you might change the point where you leave the toothbrush in the bathroom …

danger with the toothbrush

Researchers analyzed the toothbrushes of students using shared bathrooms (for 9 or more people). They found that in 60% of their cases their toothbrushes had residue of faeces microparticles on them!

 Neither the lid on the toothbrush will save you!

This has even been verified for all toothbrushes, regardless of how they are stored in the bathroom. That is, whether there was a protective cap or whether they were kept in a closet,

There was also an 80% chance that stool particles on the toothbrushes were from another person rather than from the owner of the toothbrush!

danger with the toothbrush

Lead researcher Lauren Aber said that if someone shares his bathroom and toilet with other people then the fact that his toothbrush can have stools from strangers is particularly dangerous. Although it does not need … explanation, it is true because it is a bacterium that is part of other organisms. This makes them alien to the user’s organization.

He also pointed out that the toothbrush lid not only does not restrict the bacteria from being found in her hair, but also aggravates the condition. This is because it does not allow them to dry well. Thus, residual moisture creates even better growth conditions for bacteria.

The American Dental Association recommends the following for the proper use and storage of the toothbrush:
  • Do not share toothbrushes
  • Rinse the toothbrush with tap water after use and store it in an upright position to allow it to dry in the air
  • If two or more toothbrushes are in the same case, be sure they are far enough apart. You do not want cross-contamination, are you?
  • Do not use covers on the toothbrush
  • Replace the toothbrushes at least once every four months

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