Competition or Havoc?

“Do your work with your whole heart, and you will succeed – there’s so little competition.” – Elbert Hubbard

In a competitive world like this, every person strives hard to attain everything he/she desires. These competitions, considered to be an essential element of stimulating initiatives for success are facing a drastic change.  A change in the negative direction and a change for downfall indeed, contrary to our expectations. “Eroding ethics of Healthy competition”  being a major reason for this.

Today, everyone is taking up the wrong path to eliminate competition. Aiming to perform better than their competitors, individuals not just try some misleading ways to excel but also use some dirty tactics to outshine others. Instead of taking a motivation to perform things better by working hard in order to achieve desired goals, everyone today tries to find out an alternative shortcut to reach the destination without any hard work and enthusiasm.

Agreed, competition is must for every individual or corporation to make inter comparisons to look after their performance and progress. But today these basic standards of competition are eroding leading to a big havoc. Competition be done in such a way that instead of misleading other party, emphasizes more on raising the effectiveness on one’s own performance.In short, one should opt for a “healthy competition” comprising no negative element. Competition instead should raise the existing standards of people for performing better than others.

competitive world

Being competitive is fine but when this competitive nature of a man push him into sin of revenge, results are disastrous. To overcome this problem of competitive world, everyone should try to hold on to their moral ethics. Also, a person should have a desire to improve and a will to perform better which makes him work harder to overcome this competition.  Competitions cannot be entirely overlooked, but all we need is a right way to deal with it so that they provide us good results in the long run rather than ruining things for worse.

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