Bus Blues

Riding a bus may seem like a cakewalk however it is anything but – as rush hour commuters would woefully assent. They all know, with or without any scientific knowledge that they are during their brief bus journey defying numerous laws of physics -you learn a little bit of about g-force, the center of mass- and probably practicing enough to be the next karate kid.  Forget personal space and privacy, people will literally stand on on you. Squeezing the life out of someone has never been more meaningful. You forget elegance and hang from the bars and strike poses thought humanly impossible.

Source: deccanchronicle.com

It’s however in this claustrophobic space that you can watch the various and sundry miniatures of humanity. The techno(texto)philes who’ll text as long as they can move their thumbs, the “deaf” youngsters who are in another world altogether with their headphones, the typical “ advisory committee” of strangers etc. Then there are the good Samaritans who’re hell bent on being of service. They’ll give up their seats for the young and the old. Amidst all this is the omnipresent conductor who breezes through the crowd with elan, creating space out of nowhere.Backpacks are loathed as they take up space but such bags especially ones with a lot of metallic zips and trinkets ward of some members of the male community who find it their mission impossible not to “accidentally” fall or lean on the members of the female sex. But women have over time developed enough methods to combat such “accidents” including heavily embellished bags, the ubiquitous safety pin, sharp heels etc. The private buses offer a completely different riding experience than the public ones, especially if you are an adrenaline junkie. It is not easy to replace the energy, cheapness and the near-death experience offered by private buses.

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Whatever it may be riding a bus gives you better crowd control skills, a full body work out, the perfect messy bun and you get to witness the entire spectrum of human behavior. In life’s great university transport bus is a class you’ve got to attend.