Biohacking Your Body

The term Biohacking may sound like a nerdy stuff and for people who play BioShock or DeusEx. But whats happening is far beyond what you think. Changing the fundamentals of the human being physically.


What Is Bio Hacking

The procedure of controlling or managing your body using emotional, physical or electronic techniques. For example, Fitbit is a basic form of BioHacking. Do It Yourself Kits are readily available these days, with which you can do magnetic implants and modern-day techniques have made it easy to research Gene sequencing techniques. And actually, people started doing this in their garages.

source: dangerous

Who Is Amal Graafstra

The spearhead guy of Biohacking who started experiments since mid-2000’s with RFID implants and Beyond. Amal believes this is the next human evolution. And also started to sell his products online on his website


And his latest research is UKI which deals with Information Security which allows carrying cryptographic keys within their bodies.

Who Funds This Research

Though Many research centres have popped up for advanced research on Bionics, Amal had his funds by investing his earned income to R&D.


Can I do Biohacking

No, You cannot just put your car remote in your hands. As you need to understand the reactions of your body. They might be dangerous and might disable you permanently.

Can I become a cyborg

Absolutely Yes and No. The word Cyborg is actually a fictitious term from a comic. As Biohacking is nothing new. Artificial implants technique has been followed for disabled from decades and present-day Bionic hands are being widely used across the world. There is no particular regulation or a set of rules for you to be called or calling one as a cyborg.


Is This as dangerous as Artificial Intelligence

The common thing for both is they are electronically dealt. Holding a knife isn’t dangerous and also is truly based on one’s intentions. So, once again its a yes and a no.

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