Be careful with these substances at home: NEVER mix them – See why

Many people are not aware of the risk of combining different household cleaners.

The problem is that by mixing some substances, you can create harmful volatile compounds (chemical gases) that have a very dangerous health impact on you and your family living in the same place.

Carefully look at which substances in cleaning products should NEVER mix at home:

  • Two different cleaners:  Many people think that if you mix the cleaner for the windows with a little generic cleaner, they will get a better result, but that is a big mistake. You should not arbitrarily combine chemical compounds, because each cleaning product has been created for a specific reason.
  • Alcohol and bleach:  This combination is particularly prohibitive! It is a mixture of chloroform and hydrochloric acid. You should never make this combination.
  • Chlorine with ammonia:  This combination leads to lethal exhaust. It mainly produces chloramines, which can be harmful to your eyes and are very dangerous if you inhale them.
  • Chlorine with vinegar:  Any kind of acid deserves special attention in its handling. The fact that vinegar is also a kind of acid makes this combination really harmful. When mixed with the two, the product is a lethal chlorine gas mixture.

  • Cooking soda and vinegar:  They are two materials that are proposed and are indeed beneficial for many uses other than cooking, but they require great attention. Baking soda is a base and vinegar is acidic, which means that when you combine them together, you get essentially water and sodium acetic acid. The vinegar also makes the baking soda “blooming”, and if you combine them and put them in a closed container, the mixture can burst.
  • Oxygen and vinegar Although this combination is largely safe, there is an important detail. You can apply one after another to one surface but wipe it in between, but you should not combine these two materials in the same container. If you mix these two together, what you get is peracetic acid, which is very harmful and can damage your skin, eyes and respiratory system.

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