Is It “Bad” To Eat After Eight In The Evening?

There is a lot of research on what is ultimately the right time for our meals – and of course each with a different conclusion (so we do not know what’s going on)!

The eternal question, therefore, remains: “What time can I eat dinner?” After a good “search” of information and questions, we have gathered some practical tips below to help you understand some details about meal times.

There is no specific meal time

It all depends on our program and lifestyle. Someone who wakes up 5 in the morning cannot eat lunch at the same time as someone who wakes up at eight in the morning. So you understand that the motto “do not eat after eight” is a myth!

According to dietician Farah Fahad, the ideal time for dinner is three hours before we sleep, just because when we finally fall to sleep, we will have digested our food.

Eat when you are hungry and only then

We often eat even when we are not hungry. But this can cause damage to our metabolism. When we are hungry, our body demands calories. If we then go and “bite” our body when it is not hungry, when it does not ask for calories, it will automatically save the food we ate like fat just because it does not need it at that time!

Avoid carbohydrates

late night dinner

Carbohydrate intake, especially at dinner time, such as pasta, fried foods, bread and much more, should be greatly restricted! Carbohydrates convert to sugar in our blood and just because at that time we’re going to “meet” our bed, this energy is not being used and converted (what else?) To fat! So make a lighter and more interesting choice, such as a salad.

late night dinner

And what about the midnight moans (late night dinner)?

I can assure you that you can eat a protein-based snack, such as a slice of whole grain bread with a little cheese, alternatively a handful of almonds or a yoghurt with a little honey or apple pieces.

What did you think? That you could eat profiterole without any consequence? I would like it too much, but to keep our silhouette we need sacrifices!

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