At Weed capital Amsterdam Its not illegal.

The capital of Netherlands or Weed capital of the world. Known for its history, art and world-class museums.

Explore the city by walk

Guided tours are most recommended to learn more about the cities rich history. And tours that include cheese tasting, clog demonstration, countryside tours and much more. The cheaper option would be to rent a bike and plan your own trip.

Get High in Amsterdam

About 250 coffeeshops in the red light district in Amsterdam to choose the ambience of your choice. As these coffee shops are not only to smoke weed but there you get to meet people easily, spend a good time in a very relaxing way, like playing chess or cards. Certain rules you have to be aware are, you should be 18 years older and have an I.D and no more than 5 grams of weed per day. Moreover, it’s not a very hashtag thing to buy weed in Amsterdam. So, is the reason to call it Weed capital of the world.


Street Shopping

Over 300 stalls since more than a century Albert Cuyp market is the largest in Europe, One stop to experience multicultural Amsterdam. from local street food to fresh fruits to ethnic wear.

The Red Light District

Besides coffeeshops, the next thought of tourists is The Red Light District’, irrespective of your view of the sex trade in Netherlands. This is an area to be included in your list. Not much to imagine about the red light district with plenty of brothels, strip clubs, and peep shows.

Red Light District- Weed

Museums Unlimted

The Rijksmuseum with over 8000 exhibits of art and historic articrafts. The Anne Frank house with an impressive story dating back to world war II. The royal theatre Carre recommended to watch a show. And the DutchResistancee Museum with a collection of memories of Dutch resistance workers in world war II. and Museum of Bags and Purses. Not to be missed ladies. Ever wondered how bags during late to middle ages looked like. Its a great experience with a collection of 4000 bags.

Van Gogh


The part of the city that wakes up as the sun goes down. Clustered with restaurants, night clubs, cafe’s bars. Leidseplein is the most famous square in the city. Paradiso, Sugar Factory, Jimmy Woo are most famous nightclubs found in Leidsplein. Taking  Guided tour for once with pub crawl is recommended.

Weed -


The post is only for information and not be considered to accept the use of any mind-altering substances.


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