Artificial Intelligence and Frankenstein – spooky combination, but both have eerie similarities if you think about it. Well, your worst nightmares are being turned literally into reality by ‘Shelley’, an AI that writes horror stories. Shelley, named after, Mary Shelley the creator of Frankenstein’s monster, that started gaining conscience and attacked its own creator ( see what I mean by similarities ) is a deep learning AI. It was developed by MIT Media Labs, to coincide with Halloween. To make Shelly acquainted with the genre she was “raised reading “ around 1,40,000 horror stories from Reddit’s aptly named forum r/nosleep.

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Now Shelly creates her own stories but works more effectively with human collaboration. She tweets the first line of a story on her twitter handle shelly_ai, every hour. Following which any Twitter user can take the story forward using the hashtag #yourturn, and she adds her lines and this can go on till someone ends it with the hashtag #theend. Thus giving birth to AI-human collab of horror stories(if this isn’t a true Halloween moment, then what is ? ). To see what I mean check out the creepy stories at,

Shelley has learned the art of writing horror through human ideas from Reddit, in other words, we taught her to be creepy. There is something eerie enough in the concept an AI writing horror, without it actually writing the stories.So if the stories by Shelley aren’t scary enough for you, you can always imagine about ” what ifs?” of an AI that loves working ” collaboratively with humans, learning from their nightmarish ideas“(our nightmarish ideas, get it?). Throw around some words like dystopia, Skynet, world annihilation and you get your own science fiction horror story. For those of you who have not had enough of Halloween Shelley will make sure you’re done with it.

Here’s a small snippet of what Shelly can do :