A small Idea – A Gaint “MAGIC LEAP”

Virtual life that open in front of your eyes when you put your VR devices. We’ve got introduced to many devices this year with virtual gear. But what about those which create an entire new field of vision. Yes, and that’s what Rony Abovitz CEO of Magic Leap says.
This idiosyncratic technology has been kept mostly behind doors. We already knew a little about the magic leap from a handful of videos on YouTube.
Magic Leap should make sure it delivers at least potential its signals to the world and it would just cause a huge Leap in virtual and mixed reality technologies.
The Graphic visuals which you see on magic leap appears as if the virtual projections wont overlap with the real ones but rather have interactions and are indistinguishable from reality.
According to sources: as being used, the brain won’t be anymore able to distinguish the real and virtual which makes the experience more real and roots itself into your consciousness.

What exactly happens here is, a neurological effect is created like a real life objects projected onto your retina. This isn’t same as VR, where you just have a flat screen in front of your eyes, split in two and magnified
It proudly says that the “world is your screen” and you will be doing everything you do on your computer. They plan to focus on gaming, communication and entertainment experiences, then probably extend towards business use. Which itself calls as Hyperpersonal computing. They also are on grounds trying to build own operating system which enables low latency realistic effects. By this time, you might have a doubt what and how would be the graphic processor used. In simple your brain is the Graphic Processor.

Check out their website for more stunning Reality ????