14 Things About Childhood

Children’s day is one of the most renowned and recognized days in many countries around the world. In India Children’s Day celebrations happen on the birth Anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister, as a recognition to a large portion of his life to the welfare of children across the nation.

Irrespective of how old we are, there is always a child in us, which kicks in at times. At the end of the day. The best moments of life are your childhood. Let’s take a walk through the lane of memories

  1. The Time at School, where we couldn’t wait to get out during breaks between class and wouldn’t love to go back.

Schoolchildren at home time

2. Birthdays are the best part. You get to go in your favorite dress. No Dress code for the day and you are the VIP.


3. remember that story where you told your friends about how you lost your arms. Yeah, Put them back inside the sleeves.



4. Holding that multi-colored ink pen, and you only find a reason to make use of all colors and make your notebook look colorful


5. Getting drenched in rain only takes your fun to next level. As a matter of fact. You don’t care and forget whats happening around. Instead, start sprinting and dancing in Rain


6. When you were waiting behind the door to scare your friends in classroom or your family members and you give up eventually coz they never come in.


7. Who wouldn’t love to go to grandPa’s home. After all, you’ll be given the royal treatment with all your favorite foods and relief from your homeworks.


8. Acting like you are asleep so that your dad or mama carries you to bed.


9. Staring at those raindrops on the window panel, waiting for which one goes fast.


10. Appliying glue on hands and eventually removing after it dried showing your friends that you removing your skin, weird but true and funny


11. Nothing on TV was the best show when Tom and Jerry starts. Sunday mornings


12. Obsessed with collecting WWE cards or Pokemon cards or chocolate wrappers. There was a fierce competitive edge


13. The silly fights with your siblings only to restart the game,e because you lost


14. The unending war for the control of TV remote. The power in holding the remote only add the pride of controlling your silly sibling