10 Things Money Cant Buy For You

10 things money cant buy

There is a most common misconception that the rich are always happy and others aren’t. First, let me clear this for you. Happiness is independent of the size of your wallet. It depends on Your Social Support, Relations, Freedom to make choices etc. Let me show you 10 things money can’t buy. Because these 10 things money cant buy did not come to your life when your pocket was full. And if you did not notice it was there even when your pocket was empty.

  1. Health. Can you think of something more important? Without it, you cannot enjoy anything that you have or any planned things in your life. Yes, it is by far the greatest good. Because whoever has health, he has the hope that the next day may be better. And this hope is everything10 things money cant buy
  2. Family and true friends. People you know you can rely on at any time. All those with whom you share your best moments and the best part of yourself. They do not cost but think how much they deserve. The family is one thing you could not sell or buy or something you choose. It only happens the way it should.10 things money cant buy
  3. Persona and ethos: How many times have we all wished that there are fewer downers and more real people surrounded us.  These are choices, everyone builds their own happenings. Nothing will be happening without your contribution.
  4. Memories. From school and student life, overnight, drunkenness, love n breakup, hanging out with buddies, travelling, frustration, troubles, losses and failures. Everyone gave us something different to remember. It made us and brought us here. We think about it every night and we cry or laugh, pick and take.  10 things money cant buy
  5. Experience. A typical example of what you conquer yourself and is not ready for you. Life does not come with an instruction manual. And luck tends to favour the bold. If you do not, you will not know whether you will not fall into the process of learning how to get up with your hands? Because there will not always be someone there to stop you from falling. When have you done it yourself, though? Then you are familiar with life and yourself.
  6. Time. Do now and not after tomorrow or the year of what you want to do. Because you just do not know if you’ll be able to do later and we’ve gotten full of repulsed ones. Sometimes our moments weigh more than the eternity of other things. Why would you let them pass by? Because there is no repetition but just playing forward.

10 things money cant buy

7.Love. Real Love is the most rated for 10 things money cant buy. Stop at someone pop a 50 Bill and tell him to give you hugs and kisses. At best, they will say to you The F-word and say to change yourself. And even if someone did kiss you, would you feel complete? love comes from something fortunately spontaneous and indefinable. And it is offered only to individuals freely and unobtrusively. Those who think they will find it in bloated accounts, expensive homes, cars, gifts then they are looking for it in the wrong place, not to say this planet.

10 things money cant buy

8. Mind and Talent. Education that can provide you with money, knowledge and culture. And clearly, another thing is the source of inspiration, which can even emerge in the worst conditions. From Great musicians to writers who composed fictions. Apple also was launched in a garage.10 things money cant buy

9.Smile and good mood. Joy and optimism are a state of mind and not a pocket purchase. Surely, they don’t cause you any problems or misery when they are with you. And try not to loose them. They make people even more attractive and loved.

10 things money cant buy

10. Little moments. Do not want to change this feeling after the evening shower or the smell of my favourite coffee and the first bite of my favourite sweet that just baked? The first swim every summer, the last lesson of each exam, your dog shaking his tail and ears every time we come home, the aroma of what we love on our clothes. That’s why we live. There are people who have money, and people who are rich.  And remember, it does not matter how much you do when you have it all. But who are you when you have little or nothing.

10 things money cant buy
Little moments either now or from your childhood are one of those 10 things money cant buy for you

These are the 10 things money cant buy you for nut, there might be more, after all, its how happy you because you are a human and not a money-making machine.

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